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Mission to Enceladus (05'45)

This is Titan Mining, there's
Something on our monitor
Something big is orbiting
Above the Tiger's Claw

- Earth Command to Titan Station
Sounds like our luck is in again
Need to find out what it is,
Could be mega-bucks for us!

- Go ahead and check it out
Take a shuttle and a team of six
For immediate despatch
It's bound to take at least two weeks.-

Blasting off from Titan
Beyond the rings we soar
Orbit Enceladus and
Overfly the Tiger's Claw

Giant geysers generate
Megatons of ice
Boiling from the canyons
to form the mighty rings of Saturn

But it was not the rings that awed us
As we looked out of the airlock
But a giant alien spaceship
This was no cash rock!


All the First Contact music is original composition by Stuart Barton and Jon Storm, copyright ©2016, all rights reserved.



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