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The Changeling (07'02)

This transformation of my body and mind
Into something of an alien kind
Means I can look far beyond the stars
As I flex my new superpowers

With the humanity I have left
I contemplate life and all it means
As I realise this change is
Way beyond my wildest dreams

I was just a mining grunt
Drilling for TOX till totally sore
7 days a week for 18 months
That's every day of this Goddamn tour

To fuel the never ending greed
As Earth becomes Hell, at full speed
It's four years for the round trip,
o wonder so many here totally flip

The Earth spins out in deep space
Who's gonna save the human race?
Something - a divine
Or one of our kind

We are primed and set
Ready for that final date
Unless we calm down
And get our feet back on the ground

The ways of the ancient past
Are the ones which must last
Even as we set forth in space
And look the universe in the face

All the First Contact music is original composition by Stuart Barton and Jon Storm, copyright ©2016, all rights reserved.



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